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Sudoku-Review And How to Play

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Sudoku is a single player logic based game, which is basically a puzzle needs to be solved with the help of numbers by maintaining their aimed combinations. The Goal of a player is to fill up the 9*9 grid with digits number from 1 to 9 as there  3 rows and columns  in which  some digits are placed as a puzzle and player have to solve the logic behind that, the puzzle should have only a single solution based on the logic. There are number of different variants in Sudoku as with higher versions the difficulty and level of logic with improvement is newer versions is being done. Sudoku  mainly helps a player to improve their logic by solving number of puzzles and counting the number of levels and improving the time taken as well, Playing Sudoku simply helps a player to improve their mathematical skills and to known with higher logics it will help you in developing your mind as well, because with life experience you need to apply logics in daily life as well to solve some issues , so playing Sudoku will help you to get entertained as well and develop your mind also. Sudoku needs some more attention as the defined logic behind the placed digits and the way player mind concentrate on it and by putting his full attention efforts , they need to solve the tricky puzzle , which will result the time taken by a player is a way of effective results  to analyze player performance.

Mahjong Titans is a series of Mahjong  games, which was being originated from China and by maintaining number of years success it goes on increasing with different versions and their separated series. Mahjong Titans is a single player game, which has 140 tiles  in pairs, which are being distributed in vertical and horizontal rows and columns and limited moves to a player makes the game more interesting ,player need  to connect tiles with  each other in maximum two Ninety degree angles  . The Goal of a player is to match and open identical tiles and let them connect with each other with Ninety degree angle, as it will remove them and spaces are filled by the other tiles which will let them be near to their pairs and remove the pairs by opening the mirrored tiles in efficient time to complete the level, or clear the board quickly which will leads to next level . Player have to complete the level in any time which will lead them to next levels, once the given board of tiles get vacant the game ends. Mahjong Titans  game is being effective for the presence of mind with the rotational moves and finding the pairs and connect them with a line as defined two maximum ninety degree angles can remove the pairs and help player to clear the level and leads to next level . Player performance is being calculated by the time taken by the player to complete the level. With higher levels the performance of a player needs to be more efficient to complete the level in efficient time , which will help player to be more attentive and increase their concentration power as well. Mahjong Titans have some special tiles Twenty, Flowers, Dragons and seasons. As in Mahjong Titans player needs to remove a tile as it can only be removed if there is no movement for any other tile. Cursor will let a player know that he can use this tile to pair it with its identical one.

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