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Run 3-Review and How to Play

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Run 3 is a series of Run games , which is the third game in the Run versions, as its name itself defines the game type as It is an endless running game. Run is a single player game in which a player have to control a alien type creature and by jumping, bouncing and moving with the arrows in different direction to protect the creature from holes , as the main goal of a player is to protect the alien type creature from the holes by using different controls like space bar to jump and right and left arrows for the directions to jump or move, by moving in the ahead direction without losing lives will complete different levels with a score. As in Run games, the levels are goes on increasing after an interval of time according to the defined track and game will continue as it will simply show the increasing number of levels which makes it an endless game and the spirit of clearing more number of levels in a go is motivated by this game. There are ten numbers of creatures which can be unlocked after completing different levels and with higher levels the power and abilities of different creatures get improved and makes the game more interesting with increase in difficulty as well. Run 3 is being the most effective as the up gradation made in this version will makes the game more interesting as new mechanics including Crumbling tiles, ramps, darkness and ability to be back at the same place after jumping out till a player looses all lives. Power cells is the in-game currency which is being added in Run 3, which can be used to buy creatures or upgrade of game parts in shop. Bonuses from previous versions doesn’t exists in this version. There are two different playing modes in Run 3 , Explore mode – As itself it is defining the explore portion of defined track by completing number of levels and gaining more power cells and use them to buy new creatures as well, Infinite mode – As in this mode a player is free to move as there is no up-gradation or track of your levels as they are in raw order , simply infinite mode is a practice track for players to know about it and improve themselves. Run 3 is an Endless game so it will end only if player loose all the lives as with higher levels comes more difficulty but with benefits of better creatures and there abilities.

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