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Mahjong Dimensions is a sequential version of Mahjong Games, it was being initiated from China and by adding success it goes on increasing with various versions and their series. Mahjong Dimensions a single player game having tiles in pairs, tiles are placed in vertical and horizontal rows and columns in a cuboid form. Limited moves to a player makes the game more interesting as player need to connect tiles having free space adjacent sides. The Aim of a player is to match and open identical tiles and connect them by making an angle of Ninety degree, this will remove them and clear the table-loop , the space where tiles were placed will be clear which will make other pairs move near to each other and remove the pairs by opening the identical tiles in efficient time to finish the defined level, or clear the table-loop quickly and head towards new level .Generally player have to finish the defined level in given time and heads towards next level, as Mahjong Dimensions have various levels with a timer, once the ongoing timer stops, the game ends. Mahjong Dimensions game is being beneficial for the presence of mental attention as attentive mind will make the rotational moves and seek out the pairs and pair them. These moves will remove the pairs and help a player to complete the level and heads towards next level . Performance of a player is being calculated on the basis of time taken by the player to finish the level. Generally the player goes on increasing its efficiency and with improved performance there are new levels which will help a player to improve their efficiency to finish the levels and be more attentive and level up their concentration power. Mahjong Dimensions includes Bonus like Speed Match Combo , it will activate a point multiplier if a player make a match within 3 seconds , Re-arrange a bonus used to shuffle the placed tiles, Multi Match Combo an another bonus helps a player to get bonus for matching several of same image type of tile in a row , Time bonus is being carried out of the remaining time left in timer. The remaining time will be added as a score to a player scorecard and with improved performance in each level the player will simply take less time and that remaining time will be added as a score.