Happy Wheels-Review And How to Play

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Happy wheels is a physics theory Ragdoll based game. Ragdoll theory of physics is basically used in this game to describe the movement of bones and the loss of each bone is being easily animated , So basically to know about Ragdoll theory and why it is being used in games like Happy wheels is, because of the standard animation of attached bones as human type creature used in Happy wheels has bones tied to each other with the help of Ragdoll theory which implies the best animation of game. The goal of a player is to cross the defined track without getting harm or to reach the finish line , as in Happy wheels the player is a human creature whose bones are tied to each other which is being animated by the help of Ragdoll theory, Player have to make the human creature move ahead in the direction of defined track to reach the destination which is defined as the end of the defined track or finish line, collect coins as points and stay safe of barriers in the track, as the barriers in the track can harm a player which can let them loose there live or detachment of bones which can be seen by animated presentation of creature. With higher levels there comes up more difficulty and more benefits as player can upgrade to different creature with number of abilities and collect more coins In less amount of time for a better performance. Performance of a player can be calculated by the time taken by a player and the number of lives one is using with increase in levels also decides the performance. Happy wheels is considered to be the graphical violence game as the broken bones of creatures and loss of blood and limbs is being animated and shown, but this is not to be termed as violence as it will let a player know that they should be aware of loss and play it with a care and reach to their destination or finish line. Happy Wheels also allows player to see their performance by using the replays and can upload them also, which can be viewed easily. Happy wheels also helps a player to create it own level as a explore mode as their own custom levels which can be played by them or after uploading to a server the map can be easily accessible.

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