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Fireboy and Watergirl in Forest Temple-Review And How to Play

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Fireboy and Watergirl is a series of mysterious temple rooms in which a player is provided with a fireboy and watergirl. The watergirl and fireboy find themselves in mysterious temples rooms and each time the player have to try to get both of them out of the defined track. Player can play alone by playing the role of both the Fireboy and the Watergirl at one time, or play with a friend where each player controls a single different character, as playing together will be much more fun. What a player should know is that Fireboy has no harm from the fire, so that he can easily step into pools of boiling lava, but he must be aware of water and from stepping into it. Watergirl is resistant to pools of water which also looks like sea water, but she must be aware of boiling lava and from stepping into it, as they both are equally opposite which will let them loose a live. Player should be aware of green or black puddle on their defined track as these mud color pools will let them loose a live by stepping into it. In different levels the goal of player is to reach the doors which leads to the next room in temple. The fireboy should come to the door marked in red and the watergirl to the door marked in blue . On the defined track, player of both characters pick up diamonds that have the same color as blue for Watergirl and red for Fireboy.As early a player reach the doors of each level the better score a player achieve with higher rankings.