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Bloons Tower Defense 5-Review And How to Play

Bloons Tower Defense is a series of different versions of defense game ,where Bloons are the balloons in the game ,in which players have to prevent Bloons from reaching the end of a defined track point by placing towers near it , different tower units can pop the bloons in a number of ways.Player main goal is to burst the bloons before they escape the defined track and gain money by popping bloons and completing each level, which can be utilize for buying extra towers or upgrading the existing one to improve their work efficiency or sell them back if they are not efficient enough to work properly and buy another tower and If a Bloon reaches the end of a defined track,then the player loses lives and once the player loose all the lives, the game ends. There are five different types of defined tracks,which are rated on the basis of difficulty are termed as -Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Extreme. More interestingly Bloon Tower Defense is Covered with new features such as -Tunnels and moving parts for defined tracks. Addition of new towers such as the Sniper Monkey, Ninja Monkey, and the change of Monkey Beacon to the Monkey Village. Game Bloons tower defense also have some special abilities such as CAMO in which most towers cannot detect the bloon and it will reach to an end of defined track in the presence of towers as in CAMO some towers will not be able to detect bloons and Regrowth is the another special ability , as it is  for the bloons to slowly grow back to its original size, which will be a problem for different tower units to pop them up. With each harder difficulty level, the intensity pressure of bloon waves increases proportionately and the player plays on with remained lives and the upgrade cost of each tower at higher levels will be more.

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