Bejeweled 3-Review And How to Play

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Bejeweled 3 is the series of Bejeweled games, a puzzle game of matching the tiles. Bejeweled is being developed in 2010 , it is single player game. The Aim of a player is to swap the tiles gems to make a combination of three or four of same color in any direction (horizontal or vertical) , when this will occur then the combinations made will disappear and new random tiles gems will takes there place and falls till it get empty. If a gems falling after disappearing the combinations and while falling if there is any chain reaction then it will be the cascade caused, as in earlier version player is not allowed to make combinations during cascade but in bejeweled 3 player can make combinations during cascade. Bejeweled 3 has number of different modes of playing with different objective for each. Standard mode and Secret modes contains the number of different modes in it, as Standard mode includes Classic, Zen, Lightning, Quest. Zen is the new addition in this version in which player can play the game without end. Secret Modes includes Butterflies , Diamond mine, Ice storm and poker these are the number of modes which needs to be unlocked as they require some Specifications to be completed then these secret modes will be available for the player. Each game has a different puzzle with their respective objectives, generally player is allowed to have classic modes and based on their wins the secret puzzle opens up after some requirements and player have to earn and then unlock the secret puzzles and play them. Bejeweled is the game series which is being helpful for a player as placing tiles gems and with an objective in each puzzle needs more concentration as it will help a player to be more attentive in the game and swap tiles according to it. Once the falling tiles gems gets empty then the game ends. With higher levels the player will be able to unlock different modes and play them also as each has its own efficiency.

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