Backgammon-Review And How to Play

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Backgammon Is a Standard Board game, it is the one of the oldest game and count as the family member of Board games. Backgammon is a two player game in which the game setup consist of Board, two sets of 15 checkers, two pair of dice, a doubling cube and dice cups. The Aim of a player is to remove all the pieces over the board which is being presented on their side before another player. The main objective works if the rolling dice helps a player to remove all the pieces from the playing board, player have to move the pieces to his number one point and the another player will move In opposite direction , player can easily move the checker and it can be moved near to points which are vacant or it can be place onto another checker . When a player lands on a blot , it moves to a bar as the checker can only enter through another player home board , this is done by rolling dice and based on specific instructions the checker will enter into the board and play against each other. Generally player have to bear off each piece and all the pieces can be removed by rolling dice and also using double dice in which a player have to ask it first by the another player as they have to accept it or reject it. The main strategy used in this game is to play safely by avoiding checkers to be at bar , cause it will take more efforts be back, player can simply block the checkers of another player from advancing . Backgammon is purely a luck plus mind based game in which the number on dice will decide the move and move taken by a player mind will decide the way to finish it, game helps a player to develop their mind and think more logically while being more attentive.

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