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Spider Solitaire- Review and How to Play

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Spider solitaire is a common single player game which appears online. Even Microsoft has installed it in windows to entertain the window users. It appears in different levels, and one can choose the level they want to play in spider solitaire. The levels include one suit, two suits, three suits and four suits. The game aims to arrange playing card in descending order. That is from K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,A. Each set arranged should contain cards with the same suit.

Spider Solitaire Information

How to play

After opening the game on your device, the cards are in 10 columns. You can set whether you want a single suit, two suits or four suits level. The first six columns have a total of 6 cards (5 facing downwards and one facing upwards). The next four columns have a total of 5 cards (4 facing downwards and one facing up). There is also a separate pack of card called the stock-pack.

1. Try moving a card and place it to the next high value. I.e. Q to K, 3 to 4, J to Q, etc.2. You can also move a stack of cards together so long as they have the same suit. e.g A,2,3 spades, 8,9,10,J hearts.3. If you succeed in arrange from K to A of the same suit, the pile automatically leaves from the table.4. When you ran out of moves, click the stock-pack and a card will be placed randomly on each column. However, you cannot click the pile if you have an empty column.5. You win the game when you successfully arrange all the 8 set successfully, and it ends when you exhaust the stock-pack and no more possible moves.

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