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Minesweeper – Play Free Online at GamesDro.com

Play free Minesweeper game online at gamesdro.com, No Download or Registration required.
Minesweeper is a game of bomb and numbers, based on the logic. Minesweeper a single player game , player is provided with a board of squares. Some squares contain mines(bombs) and others numbers, if a player manages to open each square without opening a mine , as opening a mine will end a game and player will lose. Each opening square will reveal a mine or number , each number reveals the position of mines squares placed near to it, main Aim of a player is to get the defined logic of opened numbers and open number of squares without opening a mine and win the game. In the board the upper left corner contain the number of bombs left to find and in upper right corner a 16 minutes 39 seconds timer is available. First move of player can never be a mine(bomb) , it will always be a number and its neighbors can be a mine(bomb). Minesweeper games comes with more option as learning mode availability is also provided in which it shows the content of unopened squares, player can use the learning mode in the beginning and learn the tricks and logic which is being used in the game. Minesweeper games helps a player to develop their mind and logical power as in each field a human being works on logic and minesweeper is providing entertainment through game and organizing mind skills as well by making the game based on logic. Once the timer of 16 minutes 39 seconds ends the game will end as player have to open each square between this given amount of time or else player will lose the game. With increased open squares the logic of the game gets tougher as any move can open a square of mine(bomb) , player needs to be more attentive and carefully place their logic to be aware of mines(bomb).

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