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Checkers Is a Standard Board game, it is the one of the oldest game and count as the family member of Board games. Checkers is a two player game in which the game setup consist of Board, 12 checkers to each player. The Aim of a player is to capture all the checker of their opponent player or leave them without any valid move. Generally to rely on the main objective player have to move checker as they can be moved in forward direction diagonally one space at a time, it is allowed to make a jump if another diagonal space is occupied by the opponent and in same direction another space is vacant then only player can make a jump. The jump over an opponent checker will capture the checker placed and by this process number of moves are being placed and capture each other checker and the player who loses its checker early will lose the game. If a player with its checker reaches to the farthest row at the opposite end of board, then the player will be kinged, As after being kinged player is allowed to make moves in both direction forward and backward diagonally for the remaining time with that checker only. The main strategy is to capture all the checkers of opponent while avoiding your checkers to get captured and predict moves of the opponent which will player to be more attentive and can be an great advantage to win the game. Checkers allows a player to move and move taken by a player mind will decide the way to finish it, game helps a player to develop their mind and think more logically while being more attentive.

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